December 20th Book Gathering with Authors Jane Poter & Cherry Adair. Location: Aina Haina, Hawaii

Thanks to Kellie Chang for putting on such an awesome gathering. It was nice to meet new people with similar interests. A big mahalo to authors Jane Porter & Cherry Adair for taking time out of their busy schedule and spending it with us. A special thanks to Jane for inviting us into your home.

Also thanks to all the other authors who contibuted to Kellie's event: Jessica Andersen, Kate Douglas, Jennifer Haymore, Sabrina Jeffries, Rosemary Laurey, Kim Lenox, Melissa Mayhue, Nalini Singh & Beth Williamson. I wish I could name them all but there are just so many. Thank you, we had a blast. Happy reading to everyone!

Kellie's Reading Gang with Authors Jane Porter & Cherry Adair

Kainani, Cherry Adair & Chas.

Kainani & Jane Porter

Chas & Kainani


ck.twilighter said...

Aloha Kainani..... is there anyway to get he original pictures! I was trying to click on the picture to get a larger version to save but no can!!

Mahalo much!!=)

Paranormal Haven said...

Hey Kainani, your blog looks good. I really like the Hot Pictures. I've read Darkness Unleashed, Darkest Whisper and Pleasure Unbound and LOVED them. If you like the Demonica series then you will really like out next giveaway :-D Hmm I tried to become a follower but I don't see become a follower button so I can keep up with your blog.

Stephanie G

ck.twilighter said...

Hey Hey Paranormal Haven!! Great seeing you here!!

Paranormal Haven said...

Hi Chas *waves* I just looked at your to-read montage again and Dark Protector is another good book! Not many people I talk to about books have read Alexis Morgan's Paladins series but I think it's a good one

Stephanie G

Kainani said...

I've added the follow link. Let me know if you have problems. Otherwise you should be good to go.

I've only read the second book of the Demonica series. My opinion on the series is undecided as of yet. I didn't really love the 2nd book. However, I plan to read book 1 & 3. Hopefully soon. And I'm hoping book 1 or 3 is way better than book 2. I'll will keep an eye out for your upcoming giveaway.

Hey Chas I have all the books for Alexis Morgan (both series). If you want to borrow let me know? I haven't read them yet but I plan too.

Paranormal Haven said...

hey Kainani, guest what I have an award for you over at my blog!

Stephanie G

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